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Apache Commons Math 3.0 arrives

Chris Mayer

The popular Java library gets raft of changes in the Math project, such as Iterative solvers and enhanced ODE framework

Still undoubtedly one of the most popular libraries for Java,
Apache Commons has done some calculations (putting it mildly)
updating Apache Commons Math with its third version, adding in a
variety of new mathematics and statistics components.

The major version contains new features, big fixes and
refinements to existing features. Some of the new features include
Iterative solvers, Kalman filter, ISAAC RNG, Illinois and Pegasus
root finders, an enhanced ODE framework, a refactored geometry
package and the inclusion of Binary Space Partition trees.

Changes made to existing features include exclusive use of
unchecked exceptions and the removal of interfaces for which a
single implementation is assumed to exist. Throughout there is
improved coding and API consistency within packages making it more
robust and giving greater performance.

Commons Math is a library of lightweight, self-contained
mathematics and statistics components addressing the most common
problems not available in the Java programming language or Commons

The library
 be used from Java 5
onwards. D
ue to the changes of the
 this version can be used in conjunction with
older versions of the Maths project. Users are encouraged to
upgrade to this version as soon as possible. Users of Commons Math
2.0-2 should recompile their code against the 3.0 JAR file and must
adjust the import statements to use the appropriate
org.apache.commons.math3 base package.

You can find more about this new version in the release

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