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Apache Cassandra v2.0 unleashed

Lucy Carey

A new version of Apache Cassandra, offering features such as lightweight transactions, triggers, and CQL, announced this week.

The Apache Software Foundation announced the launch of
a second version of open source, big data distributed database
 Apache Cassandra
this week. Used by mega sites like Netflix, CERN, Reddit, and
Instagram, since its 2010 ‘graduation’, the highly-scalable
database program has achieved huge adoption, growing bigger and
more powerful all the time – and with heavy hitters like this
backing your site, you need to be offering the goods.

The open source distributed database system is
intended for storing and managing large amounts of data across
commodity servers, and is designed to serve as both a real-time
operational data store for online transactional applications and a
read-intensive database for large-scale business intelligence (BI)
systems. Additionally, the fully distributed architecture
integrated within Apache Cassandra in theory gives high fault

According to the Foundation’s press release, the
new version of Apache Cassandra comes complete with new
enhancements such as lightweight transactions, triggers, and CQL
(Cassandra Query Language) enhancements

What’s the spiel behind these
new features

  • Lightweight transactions that offers linearizable
  • Experimental Triggers Support.
  • Numerous enhancements to CQL as well as a new and better
    version of the native protocol.
  • Compaction improvements (including a hybrid strategy that
    combines leveled and size-tiered compaction).
  • A new faster Thrift Server implementation based on LMAX
  • Eager retries: avoids query timeout by sending data requests to
    other replicas if too much time passes on the original

You can download both the source and binary
distributions of Cassandra 2.0.0 at:

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