New Release

Apache Camel rides on with 2.9 release

Chris Mayer

Burgeoning community gets new features such as ThreadPoolFactory

The open source integration framework project Apache Camel has
seen in the new year with a brand new release, bringing new
enhancements and several bug fixes.

Apache Camel has gained a
lot of community support for its flexibility within the JVM,
dazzling some with its array of tricks. Its comparative ease when
integrating applications across different protocols and
technologies has garnered critical acclaim too.

It creates Enterprise Integration Patterns by using Java,
Spring, XML, Groovy – practically the whole lot. You can
deploy Apache Camel as standalone application, in a web container
(e.g. Tomcat or Jetty), in a JEE application Server (e.g. JBoss AS
or WebSphere AS), in an OSGi environment or in combination with a
Spring container. Its inclusivity certainly makes it stand above
the rest.

Apache Camel 2.9 eliminates the 497 problems from the last
version (a staggeringly high number, which is credit to the team to
fix them all), plus offers a ‘mindnumbing’ number of

Just a few of these include:

  • Introduced ThreadPoolFactory with a simpler
    API for 3rd party SPI
  • Improved labels of all model definitions
    which appear in Tracer output
  • Simple language has a much better syntax
    parser, being able to report what and where syntax errors
  • Added unary operators, which for example can
    be used to increment counters.
  • Simple language now supports nested

You can marvel at the full list of
 in 2.9 and then hurriedly
it! Unsure when to use Camel, this
 by Kai Wähner gives an expert
analysis on what scenarion are the best to use the framework.

The hard work has paid for the Camel Riders, here’s to a bright

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