XML Infoset Compliant Object Model

Apache Axiom 1.2.10 Maintenance Release

Jessica Thornsby

StAX-based Apache Axiom 1.2.10 features improved DOM compatibility.

Apache Axiom 1.2.10 has been announced. Apache Axiom is a
StAX-based, XML Infoset compliant object model. It features built
in support for XML Optimized Packaging and MTOM, as well as
on-demand building of the object tree. Apache Axiom is the core of
Apache Axis2, although it can also be used independently of Apache

This is a maintenance release which features improved DOM
compatibility and performance for DOOM, in addition to improved
interoperability with various StAX implementations. Users also have
the option of specifying a configuration when requesting an
XMLStreamWriter from StAXUtils. It can be downloaded now.

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