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APAC life science industry keen to adopt cloud

The life science industries of Japan, China, and India will adopt cloud, says a new report from Ovum.  

The report, “Cloud Computing Adoption In The Asia-Pacific Life Sciences Industry, is based on 50 interviews across the three countries. It says life science companies within Japan, China, and India had on average more intent to invest in cloud computing than those companies spoken to in the rest of the world.

“66% of the companies surveyed had plans to invest, 8% said that they were already leveraging cloud computing, while 26% had no current plans. This surpasses the result from speaking to 100 companies outside of APAC who responded with 63%, 4%, and 33% respectively”, said Adam Jura, Senior Analyst based in Sydney . “Ovum sees Asia-Pacific as a hot spot for cloud computing.”

The financial Aspects of cloud computing are a great driver for adoption. Those organisations which had final IT project sign-off in the hands of the CEO or CFO were more likely to adopt cloud computing, while those who had the CIO with greater responsibility were less so.

“The financial focus of the CEO and CFO is an obvious driver for investing in cloud computing which can often provide considerable benefits for organisations, but we’re also seeing some reticence amongst CIOs that are perhaps concerned about a loss of control within their IT departments,” Jura continued.

Life science companies with positive IT budget situations were also more receptive to the idea of cloud computing. The report surmises that having some additional ‘room to move’ allowed life sciences companies to explore alternative delivery models such as cloud computing.

Conversely, businesses focused on ‘keeping the lights on’ were less likely to have plans to adopt cloud computing. Similarly, smaller life sciences companies (biotechs and the like) are keen to leverage cloud computing as a way to effectively manage IT costs and gain access to functionality such as industry collaboration.

As IT budgetary pressure eases within life sciences companies across the region, Ovum expects the issue of cloud computing to come up more frequently as companies look to investigate non-traditional delivery models.

Arun Mysore

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