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Android to Run on the JVM with New Project?

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, ‘Python on the JVM’ Jython project reaches 2.5.2.

New Beta of Apache HTTP Server

Version 2.3.11-beta of the Apache HTTP Server,
has been announced. This beta is designed to test new technology
and features that are deemed incompatible, or too large, for the
stable 2.2.x branch. Although the API is described as being in “a
semi-frozen state,” the ASF warn that developers should not presume
this release will be compatible with binaries built against any
prior or upcoming versions.

Jython ‘Python on the JVM’ Project Adds Google

Jython 2.5.2 has been released. Jython is the
successor to the Jpython project, and provides an implementation of
the Python programming language that’s designed to run on the JVM.
Support for ipv6 and new Internationalized Domain Names support on
Java 6 have been added to the socket module. Python functions can
now be directly passed to Java methods that take a single method
interface, and the readline module emulation has been improved. A
Google indexer has also been added to the 2.5.2 release. More
information can be found at the Release

RichFaces 4.0.0 CR1 Released

The first release candidate for RichFaces 4.0.0 has been
announced. In this release, the Client Side Validation feature and
message components have been stabilised, and the MyFaces support
has been improved. JQuery has been updated to version 1.5.1, and
Mojara to 2.0.4. According to the announcement, this could be the
only release candidate before 4.0.0.Final, which is expected to be
released in less than a month.

Public Beta of Eclipse-Based ColdFusion Builder

Adobe have announced the public beta of ColdFusion Builder 2. ColdFusion
Builder is an Eclipse-based IDE for ColdFusion application
development. This public beta offers updated editor enhancements
and new features, including Quick Fix and Code Navigation. The Code
Assist feature has been improved to automatically insert required
tag attributes, and the code folding feature now allows users to
select an arbitrary block of code and fold it. More information is
available at the What’s New page.

Android to Run on the JVM?

IcedRobot is a new project that attempts to bring the
Android API to Linux Desktops. The project will attempt to separate
Dalvik from the normal Android infrastructure, allowing it to run
as any other unix program in the Linux environment. The project
will also avoid Dalvik and Harmony as much as possible and instead
focus on putting Android on top of the OpenJDK class library, to
get it running on the JVM. IcedRobot contributors are also writing
a Dalvik to Java compiler, which will be responsible for
translating the dex bytecode to Java, and a new ‘Ika’ tool that
will be used to manage the IcedRobot workflow.

IcedTea6 1.10 Released with JamVM Updates

IcedTea6 version 1.10 has been released. This
release adds support for building with HotSpot 20 from its stable
tree, and out-of-the-box JamVM support. Additional JamVM updates
include the ability to specify the location of the JamVM source
zip, and functionality for building JamVM beside the default VM.
NetX and the plugin have been moved to the IcedTea-Web project with
a separate release cycle, for the 1.10 release.

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