JAXmag Android Issue – Out Now!

Android JAXmag

Jessica Thornsby

Articles on Dalvik, RESTful ContentProviders, and a tutorial on developing Android apps, in our latest edition.

The fifth issue
of JAXmag
is out now! In this issue, we have focused on
Google’s Android OS. Whether it’s a high-profile lawsuit with
Oracle, the debate on whether the Honeycomb release is a fork,
claims of fragmentation, or speculation on the upcoming Android
tablets, Android is rarely out of the news, and is frequently
reported as being in the top three most popular smartphone OS’s, in
terms of market share. In this issue, Handy Codeworks owner Frank
Maker takes a closer look at the controversial Dalvik VM, and Mark
Murphy, the author of the Busy Coder’s Guide to Android
Development, contributes a tutorial on downloading large files on
an Android mobile device. We also take an architectural-level look
at Android, with an article on RESTful ContentProviders from the
soon-to-be-released O’Reilly Media book ‘Programming with Android,’
and Brett Kromkamp shares his experiences with Android development
in ‘A Developer’s Perspective: The Story So Far.’

JAXmag is a free, PDF, download-only magazine. The Android
edition can be downloaded

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