Rubin Talks Up Android

Android Co-Founder Insists It Is Profitable

Jessica Thornsby

Google vice-president compliments Apple for learning from their “mistakes.”

Google’s vice-president of engineering and co-founder of
Android, has stated that Android is profitable for Google. During a talk
at D:Mobilized, Rubin insisted that Google are making money from
the advertising that Android generates, although the project
probably wouldn’t have survived as a startup.

Despite talking up Android’s success, he admitted that Google’s
original flagship phone – the Nexus One – failed because the US
market wasn’t favourable to a phone bought off the shelf, and a
product plan purchased separately. When it came to the competition,
he had a few nice words to say about the iPhone. In his opinion,
Apple have relaxed their policy for approving apps: “my assumption
is Apple is a company that learns from its mistakes.” He wasn’t
quite so complimentary about the Windows Phone 7 though, calling it
a “package of stuff that was invented before the internet.”

The latest version of the Android platform – ‘Gingerbread’ – has
just been released.

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