Latest droid release lands

Android 4 and SDK released


New features and developer tools

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Ice Cream Sandwich brings with it a bunch of slick new features
for consumers, such as Face Unlocking, and visual voicemail, but
developers will be keen to know what they can expect in terms of
new tools etc, to incorporate the magic into their own apps.

The SDK is available immediately, and below is a summary of some
of the treats you can expect to find:

  • Unified UI toolkit: A single set of UI
    components, styles, and capabilities for phones, tablets, and other
  • Rich communication and sharing: New social and
    calendar APIs, Android Beam for NFC-based instant sharing, Wi-Fi
    Direct support, Bluetooth Health Device Profile support.
  • Deep interactivity and customization: Improved
    notifications, lockscreen with camera and music controls, and
    improved app management in the launcher.
  • New graphics, camera, and media
     Image and video effects, precise camera
    metering and face detection, new media codecs and containers.
  • Interface and input: Hardware-accelerated 2D
    drawing, new grid-based layout, improved soft keyboard,
    spell-checker API, stylus input support, and better mouse
  • Improved accessibility: New accessibility APIs
    and text-to-speech APIs for writing new engines.
  • Enhancements for enterprise: Keychain and VPN
    APIs for managing credentials and connections, a new administrator
    policy for disabling the camera.

Full highlights can be found
, and you may want to head over to the Android
where there is a bunch more information available.

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