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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean coming 'soon' - Google Play lets it slip

Google have accidentally let the cat out of the bag - leaking details that the next version of Android is coming sooner than we might have expected.

Whilst rolling out a redesigned Android Developers site (just ahead of next week's Google I/O  developer conference) one savvy developer may just have spoilt their big announcement - finding this intriguing description on a Galaxy Nexus listing on Google Play.

The Android roadmap has been decidedly sketchy over what will be included in Jelly Bean and beyond. We can certainly expect something big, as previous releases have always included a big technical jump or two. Rumours have been circulating over what that may be for some time - many believe that the in-beta Chrome Web browser will be the crowning glory of Jelly Bean. Speculation is mounting that Google will also unveil a Nexus tablet at the conference as well.

Perhaps Jelly Bean might give Android the jolt it needs. The most recent current version, Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) has failed to capture the market, with only 7% of Android devices running it. Perhaps they were right to hold off using it, with a update right around the corner. Maybe Jelly Bean can entice some of the developers using older versions to update, or perhaps it might just fragment things further. We shall see.

Chris Mayer

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