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An Introduction to Zutubi Pulse

Zutubi Pulse is a build server with a focus on usability and flexibility. It is designed to be simple to set up and use, yet powerful enough to manage diverse projects. Pulse is used by several of the world's top engineering organisations for both continuous integration and release management.

Pulse includes a comprehensive web interface for both configuration and reporting. This includes a configurable dashboard for all Pulse users, allowing them to see the information most important to them. Feature-wise, Pulse includes all the continuous integration basics such as build tool integration, version control integration, flexible build scheduling, test result reporting, build artifact capturing and flexible notifications. On top of this core, Pulse also includes a number of powerful features such as:

Multi-platform distributed builds – assign builds to a farm of machines, based on their capabilities.

• Personal builds – submit your changes to Pulse for testing before committing them to version control, to catch issues before other team members are affected.

• Project dependencies – configure project relationships and use Pulse to schedule dependent builds and deliver artifacts between them.

• Templated configuration – a unique way to configure common project details once and share those details among projects, to save time both when adding and maintaining projects.

Pulse is extensible – an extension can be as simple as a few regular expressions, or as powerful as a new plugin. A comprehensive

remote API allows automation of common configuration and reporting tasks. Pulse is free for evaluation, small teams and open source projects. Commercial licenses are available for installations from a single machine to a large build farm. You can learn more about Pulse at:

Jason Sankey
Jason Sankey

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