Daily Roundup

Akka 1.0 RC5 and Gradle 0.9.2 Maintenance Release

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new tool for integrating Xtext and Spring Roo.

New Tool for Integrating Xtext and Spring

A prototype of xtext4roo has been announced for integrating
Xtext in Spring Roo. Xtext4roo provides an OSGi bundle that wraps
Xtext to run within the Apache Felix Container of Spring Roo, and
allows Xtext DSLs to be registered within Spring Roo. Please note
that this is currently a prototype, and some functionality is

HawtDispatch 1.1 Upgrades to Scala 2.8.1

FuseSource have announced HawtDispatch version 1.1. HawtDispatch is a thread pooling
and NIO event notification framework API for developing
multi-threaded applications. It is modeled after Apple’s
libdispatch API. This version upgrades to Scala 2.8.1, and includes
Scala continuations support and Profiler Hooks.

CodeNarc IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

A CodeNarc plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has been
released. This plugin adds CodeNarc’s static Groovy code analysis
rules to IntelliJ.

The plugin can be downloaded
from github

Bug Fixes for Gradle 0.9.2

A bug fix release of Gradle has been announced. Gradle version 0.9.2 fixes a list of bugs, and
implements some changes to the Gradle build language to simplify
writing rules in your build. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

New XQuery Web App Written on MarkLogic

SteamWiki is a new open source project, coded
in XQuery to run on MarkLogic Server. It is a wiki, repository, and
knowledge-discovery system, where users can locate information via
full-text search, filtered and faceted search, and related content
matches. Please note that SteamWiki is currently in the Planning
stage, and only a small amount of code has been written.

Akka 1.0 RC5 Released

The fifth RC of Akka 1.0 has been released. According to
the announcement, Akka 1.0 RC4 was a “mistake” that was pushed too
early, and this “will very likely be the final 1.0 release.” Please
see the Release Notes for more information on the changes.

New EAP Buld of RubyMine 3.1

A new EAP build of RubyMine 3.1 (102.217) has
been released. This build adds autopopup code completion, GitHub
integration and parameter refactoring, which allows users to invoke
the Refactor Introduce Parameter menu action when they wish to
introduce a parameter for the message text. Users can also edit the
desired parameter name in the Introduce Parameter dialogue box. The
JavaScript debugger is now more “Rails-aware,” and users can build
a Rails app into a .WAR file from RubyMine.

Apache HttpClient Extends Authentication

HttpComponents have announced the 4.1 release of the Apache HttpClient HTTP/1.1
compliant HTTP agent implementation. This version adds support for
NTLMv1, NTLMv2, and NTLM2 Session authentication, and
SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication. Preemptive authentication for BASIC
and DIGEST schemes is also supported, alongside host

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