Daily Roundup

Akka 1.0 Moves Towards 1.0 and Libre Office 3.3 RC2 Announced

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3 and Subversion 1.5.9 released.

Subversion Revision Control Reaches 1.5.9

Version 1.5.9 of the Subversion revision
control system has been announced. This release targets those who
are still running the 1.5 release line, and contains stability and
performance fixes for the previous 1.5 chain of releases. For a
full list of the improvements, please see the Release Notes.

Griffon 0.9 Maintenance Release

Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3 has been announced. This is a
maintenance release of Griffon version 0.9. It updates integration
files for Eclipse and IDEA to conform to their latest conventions,
and allows plugins to build and package sources that should be
excluded from runtime. The plugin dependencies declared using the
Dependency DSL should be fully honoured in this release, and a new
AST transformation has been included that can inject a Logger
instance. For example, this logging statement:

log.info "Elmer Fudd hunts $wabbits"


is transformed into:


if(log.infoEnabled) log.info "Elmer Fudd hunts $wabbits"

The Document Foundation Announce Second RC

The second release candidate of Libre Office 3.3
has been released. The size of the Windows installer has been
reduced for this RC, and there is a list of bugfixes and
performance improvements. For a full list of the changes, please
see the Release Notes.

Seam 2.2.1.CR3 Gets JBoss AS 6 Build

Seam version 2.2.1.CR3, the final candidate for 2.2.1, has
been announced. This release candidate upgrades Wicket support to
version 1.4.14 and Javassist to 3.12. Spring, dvdstore, blog and
jee5-booking now have a build script for JBoss AS 6 that enables
packaging and deployment to AS 6. Although it does not feature full
JSF2 support, these incompatibilities will be addressed in future
releases of Seam.

Final RC Before Akka 1.0?

Hopefully the final RC before Akka 1.0 final, Akka 1.0-RC2 has
been announced. This RC features some minor bug
fixes since the 1.0-RC1 release. It can be downloaded from the
project’s github.

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