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Akka 0.10 Released With Serialisation and OSGi Support, and Bug Fixes for JRuby

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, the Casbah MongoDB project to be split into modules, and a new version of the LiveAndroid LiveCD disc image is released.

Akka 0.10 With OSGi and FSM Support

Akka 0.10 is out now.

This release introduces serialisation, so Actors can be moved
around in cluster, and ActorRef serialisation so that references
can be sent, which remember and use its original Actor instance.
There is a new network protocol, a new Dispatcher based on
HawtDispatch, and new support for OSGi and FSM.

Casbah Splits into Modules

The Casbah series of wrappers and DSL-like functionality for
utilising MongoDB from within Scala, are to be split off into modules. This is part of an
effort to separate out only the features people want for more
modular usage, and will allow elements to be used separately in
projects that do not require the whole Casbah functionality.

The planned module breakdown consists of ‘casbah-util’ which
will depend only on the Configgy and the mongo-java-driver. It will
contain general utilities, including the Scala 2.8 Collections
style DBObject (MongoDBObject.) There will also be a ‘casbah-query’
breakdown containing the bareword and core operator query syntax.
For a full run-through of the modules, please see the announcement.

Test Drive the Android OS With LiveAndroid

Version 0.3 of the LiveAndroid project is out now.

LiveAndroid is for those who want to try Google Android, as it
provides a LiveCD disc image of the Google Android operating
system. Users can burn the image to a disc, load it into the CD-ROM
drive and reboot the computer to test the Android OS without
installing it, or the OS affecting any files on your computer. The
disc image can also be used in virtualisation apps, such as
VirtualBox, VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC.

MySQL Community Server 5.1.50

A new version of the MySQL Community Server open source Database
Management System is out now. MySQL Community Server 5.1.50 upgrades the InnoDB
Plugin to version 1.0.11, and fixes bugs that could result in
server crashes and statements performing poorly on tables that had
many partitions.

Bug Fixes for JRuby 1.5.2

JRuby 1.5.2 is now available, addressing some file
descriptor and class loading leaks, and a security issue for users
of Webrick.

New SBT CoffeeScript Plugin

Coffee-script-sbt-plugin is a new SBT plugin
that uses JCoffeeScript for compiling CoffeeScript files into

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