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Agile Product Management with Scrum


In his latest book, certified Scrum Trainer and Scrum Alliance leader Roman Pichler shares his advise on Scrum Product Management.

In ‘Agile Project Management with Scrum,’ certified
Scrum Trainer and Scrum Alliance leader Roman Pichler targets the
new, and sometimes challenging world of product ownership. Product
ownership consists of managing the product backlog, creating the
project vision, planning the release, budget management, and the
many other tasks that come with leading a Scrum project. Each of
the major responsibilities of product ownership (product vision;
product backlog; release planning, and spring meetings) have their
own dedicated chapter.

‘Agile Product Management With Scrum’ has an unusual take on the
issue of management, focusing on producing the right product,
rather than managing the project correctly. This book assumes a
certain amount of prior knowledge, skipping over the ‘do’s and
‘don’t’s of traditional product management, and heading straight
for the particular challenges faced when managing a product with
Scrum. This allows Pichler to keep the book at an easy-to-digest
133 pages.

‘Agile Product Management With Scrum’ has a practical slant,
featuring real-world testimonials about using Scrum in the
workplace, and offers plenty of tips and tricks to avoid the common
pitfalls. Each chapter ends with a short section dedicated to
‘Common Mistakes.’ In turn, each Common Mistake segment concludes
with a list of questions designed to help you apply the previous
chapter’s advice to your own project. Again, this book takes the
concise and practical, rather than theoretical route.

This book also features a comprehensive walk-through of
selecting a product owner, including desirable characteristics to
look for, before placing the product owner in the wider context of
team, collaborators, and the ScrumMaster. These roles are
explained, and Pichler goes into some detail regarding this
hierarchy in action.

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