JAX London Autumn Edition Opens With Dedicated Agile and Scala Day

Agile and Scala Day at JAX London

Jessica Thornsby

JAX London celebrates its second ever event, by taking a closer look at Agile and Scala.

Today, JAX London celebrated the launch of its second
London-based conference, with a full program designed to delight
Agile and Scala enthusiasts, not to mention a full day tutorial on
developing Web service applications, with Thilo Frotscher.


For Agile fans, there was a session that introduced attendees to
the five Aspects of a Kanban system (workflow, visualisation, work
in process, cadence, continuous improvement) delivered by Karl
Scotland of Rally Software. Ellen Gottesdiener also looked at the
role analysis plays in Agile in the ‘Agile Analysis: Not an
Oxymoron’ session. The Agile day drew to a close with a panel,
which gave attendees the opportunity to quiz the day’s


But, it wasn’t all Agile-related fun and games, as JAX London
ran a full day of Scala sessions in parallel, delivered by Ted
Neward of Neward & Associates. Attendees enjoyed a session on
Functional Java, which demonstrated how to use functional ideas for
common Java programming tasks. The day then focused on the parts of
Scala that were functional in nature (such as currying, partial
function application etc.) before moving onto how Scala can improve
your object-orientated experience. The Scala day drew to a
conclusion with a demonstration of building an XML service with


JAX London would like to extend a special thank you to Roman
Pichler, for moderating the Agile day. Tomorrow’s conference
program includes sessions on Seam 3, JDK 7 and Mylyn 3.4 – and
don’t forget to attend the JAX London Community Night tomorrow,
which is open to non-conference attendees, too.

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