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A first glimpse at Java 9: early access release of JDK9 on OpenJDK

Coman Hamilton

OpenJDK has released a sneak peek of Java 9 with basic improvements for early adopters

Just when you thought JDK development had entered a
summer low after the prolonged hype surrounding Java 8, word of JDK
9 has begun to spread. While some developers are still fathoming
the depths of new Java 8 features, other parts of the Java
community are already abuzz with Java 9 rumours,
and excitement.

OpenJDK, Java’s hub of collaboration on an open-source
implementation of the Java platform, has made several early access
releases available for sampling. The download page for Build 25 of the new release
appeared over the weekend.

“We’re just getting started…”

The OpenJDK platform has published
list of changes
made so far, which include various fixes, as
well as some new methods, such as support for running and debugging
bootstrap tools in IntelliJ, as well as additional parse methods
for Long/Integer.

According to the OpenJDK platform’s mission statement, the
initial focus of the project is on “bug fixes and small
enhancements only”.

Although there’s no official confirmation of Java 9
features, Georges Saab, VP of Software Development at Oracle’s Java
Platform Group previously told JAXenter that
project Jigsaw
will be a big appearance in the next major
release of Java.

Project Jigsaw is exploring and prototyping a
simplified approach to achieve that goal, and work progresses
towards making it part of Java SE 9. […] Beyond the one obvious
candidate with Project Jigsaw, there are a number of ideas being
discussed in the OpenJDK community and elsewhere. Many of these
ideas are gradually getting formulated and tracked through JDK
Enhancement Proposals (JEPs).

Meanwhile, the community’s JEP Index is already tracking
dozens of proposals for new features in JDK 9.

Why is it so hard to find good Java

But don’t start counting your chickens just yet. Java 8 needed
over two and a half years before it was ready to hatch, meaning a
major release of JDK 9 in all of its (probable) glory won’t be
reaching our desktops anytime soon.

Coman Hamilton
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