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7 Reasons to love JBoss AS7 - Part 8


7) First class components

The past few years have seen the JBoss community grow rapidly in many other directions. You’ll likely recognize this sampling of JBoss Community projects in JBoss Application Server 7 as first-class citizens in the Java middleware space: These projects have come into maturity in their own right. That’s one of the reasons the team was able to create

JBoss Application Server 7 from scratch so quickly. JBoss Application Server 7 brings these best of breed OSS projects together as a compliant platform with an elegant, centralized administration experience. JBoss Application Server 7 is also proving itself beyond the Java EE domain, offering a compliant OSGi runtime and the best Ruby server on the plant, TorqueBox.


The years between JBoss 3 and JBoss Application Server 7 did prove valuable to this effort. Once again, JBoss Application Server would grow out of the developer community, but this time drawing ideas from a much wider field of input, which included users and administrators in addition to developers. The team factored in lessons learned about application server architecture since the development of JBoss Application Server 3 and mixed in modern requirements such as cloud administration and deployment. The real key, though, is attributed to a new philosophy for development. The team recognized that software must adapt, both to tap into the power of the hardware of today and make use of what’s coming down the road. The result is a free, Java EE certified application server which is once again on top...way on top.

Download JBoss Application Server 7 or get started with OpenShift to launch your Java EE applications in a flash!

This article first appeared in Java Tech Journal - September 2011. To read more of that issue and others, register and download the PDF here for free.

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