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7 Reasons to love JBoss AS7 - Part 7


6) Testable by design

From the very start, JBoss Application Server 7 has been designed with testability in mind. The secret to that fidelity is Arquillian – a component model for integration tests that execute inside the real runtime environment. Arquillian brings your test to the runtime rather than requiring you to manage the runtime from your test. This removes the plumbing (read: clutter) from your tests and handles deployment and test execution. Consequently, you can write tests for just about any use case your application encounters. We like to call those real tests. And thanks to the speed of JBoss Application Server 7, Arquillian tests run nearly as fast as unit tests. Since Arquillian was designed for testability, you can be sure it has been thoroughly tested itself, with very real and meaningful tests. JBoss Application Server 7 boasts an internal test suite based on Arquillian that achieves even more strict compliance to the portability expectations of our community of users. That means when JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is shipped, the team is not nervous that some blatant bug is going to be discovered in the first 24 hours, or even the first week or month.

Testability is not limited to the development of the server. It gives you another way to slash cycles from your development process; in other words, smarter application development. Using Arquillian for development gives you an extremely fast change, compile, test cycle for any component model. This strategy allows you to take Test Driven Development (TDD) further than ever before, all from the convenience of your IDE or build tool.

Arquillian is one of many first-class JBoss projects on which JBoss Application Server 7 is built.


Dan Allen
Dan Allen

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