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2011 – Cyberwarfare, cyber-espionage and a New Microsoft CEO?

Jessica Thornsby

It’s that time of year again! The ’10 IT-Related Predictions for 2011′ are now in!

We’re nearly at the end of 2010, and Nancy Weil of CIO is
looking ahead to 2011, with her roundup of ‘10 IT-Related Predictions for 2011.’

1. Firstly, 2011 will be “the year of the tablet,” although
tablets will be primarily used for entertainment purposes, rather
than work. She predicts an increase in games that are too complex
for smartphones and mobile devices, but which are perfectly suited
to the tablet. And bad news for Android fans: she predicts that
Android-based tablets will be competitive, but will not catch up
with the iPad in 2011.

2. 2011 will also be the year of the acquisition, according to
Weil. Oracle will purchase on-demand software vendor Oracle will gain “tens of thousands” of small to
medium-size companies who are customers of’s
customer relationship management software, and Oracle ownership
will give greater cachet in the larger

3. Continuing the acquisition theme, IBM or HP will buy SAP.
Oracle are busy building integrated systems from its own servers,
databases and hardware, and Weil predicts IBM and HP may have to
play Oracle at their own game in order to stay competitive.

4. Enterprises will use flash memory. Barry Eggers, managing
director of Lightspeed Venture Partners, cites the declining costs
of flash memory and its speed advantages, as a reason why 2011 will
see a growth in this market within the enterprise.

5. The US Department of Justice will continue pursuing possible
charges against Julian Assange related to WikiLeaks, but he will
not be charged and WikiLeaks will continue.

6. Cyberwarfare will become a reality, and cyber-espionage will
occur throughout 2011.

7. Startups will play an important role in the continuing
migration of data to the cloud. Cloud computing will also bring
about increased connectivity, as vendors use the cloud to turn
isolated products into connected products.

8. Enterprises and their management teams will overcome their
misgivings, and have a social-media presence. Not-for-profit
organisations will also increasingly utilise social media. However,
there’s a dark side to social media in 2011, with misuses of
private data and increased efficiency when it comes to encouraging
users to play online games. Not signed up to FarmVille yet?
“Resistance is futile,” writes Weil.

9. The U.S Congress will not pass anymore tech-related
legislation, while the Federal Communications Commissions will be
sued “by at least one midlevel ISP, backed by conservative groups
that want the government to keep its hands off the Internet.”

10. After wrongly predicting that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz leave
the company in 2010, Weil has predicted that this year will see
Microsoft CEO leave his position, due to pressure from shareholders
and a recent sell-off of Microsoft stock.

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