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10gen drops name to unify with MongoDB

10gen aren’t the first innovators to be superseded in reputation by their creation - as both Sasha Baron Connell and David Robert Jones can attest (aka Ali G and David Bowie). And when what you’ve created has become so wildly successful, it can be a good idea to run with it.

As of this week, 10gen are altering the name of their company to MongoDB Inc. in a bid to decisively unify the open-source database project with the company behind it.

In terms of numbers alone, MongoDB is the most widely used NoSQL databases on the market, utilised by everyone from startups to mega corporations to underpin web and mobile applications.

The move comes at a time when businesses are becoming ever more data driven. With ‘traditional’ client/server databases ill-suited to cope with the ever larger amounts of information stemming from this movement, NoSQL is rapidly becoming the go-to option for forward thinking companies.

MongoDB was originally launched in 2007 by 10gen as a platform for an open-source cloud, and proved so popular that the company shifted the bulk of their focus to the document-database alone. 10gen has gone on to become synonymous with the name MongoDB and the database technology it provides.

Although it’s not exactly unheard of for companies to take their names from open source projects, it might take a while for users to start seeing the well-established 10gen and MongoDB as a combined entity.

“When we saw the potential for the database we had built we decided to focus 100 percent on MongoDB,” said co-founder Dwight Merriman in a statement released this week. “Thus the company name 10gen and the database name MongoDB were different. With this change, our goal is to get the names back into alignment.”

The MongoDB project and its mongodb.org community website will remain exactly the same following the 10gen rebrand. 10gen Education, which provides free, online training as well as public and private in-person courses, has been rebranded MongoDB University.

10gen’s corporate website will be converted to mongodb.com, but any other changes will be largely cosmetic.

Lucy Carey

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