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10 Christmas gift ideas for developers

Elliot Bentley

Struggling to think of interesting presents? Don’t worry, JAXenter’s got you covered with our top ten recommended gifts for the coders in your life.

With only 27 days until Christmas, we’re well and truly into the
present-buying window. But if you’re struggling to think of
interesting gifts, don’t worry – JAXenter’s got you covered with
our top ten recommended presents for the coders in your life.

1. Raspberry Pi
For those living under a rock for the past six months, the
Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer with a 700 MHz ARM CPU, 512Mb
RAM and an SD card slot. It’s small and cheap enough to utilise in
M2M projects, yet still powerful enough to run Java.
If you’re still unconvinced by the power of the Pi, look no further
than Holly
Cummins’s server-in-a-hat
for the possibilities afforded by
this low-cost hardware. Plus, it now runs Minecraft. They’re
available to buy from Element14
and RS
for $35.

Ideal for: Everyone!

2. iOS Developer Program subscription

There’s still little to touch the iOS App Store, at least
terms of profitability
. At $99/year, a subscription to Apple’s
developer program
is potentially not only a great gift, but a
profitably investment too if the recipient strikes gold. If you’re
buying for a Java dev unwilling to touch Objective-C with a barge
pole, a license to publish to
Google Play
costs $25.
Ideal for: Wannabe ‘appantreneurs’.

3. Lego Mindstorm robots

Thanks to the dancing Devoxx robots and James Gosling’s recent
escapades, robots are officially cool again. A cost-effective way
of getting in on the action is via Lego’s Mindstorm series, which are easy
to customise and can even run Java.

Alternatively, Mindstorm robots make a great introduction to coding
for kids, and can run the simplified
RCX language

Ideal for: Instigators of the robot apocalypse.

4. Makey Makey

This clever little kit allows everyday objects to be turned into
computer controllers by attaching crocodile clips. Any object able
to carry an electrical current will work, including playdoh,
fruits, water, pencil sketches and even other humans. Originally
funded on Kickstarter, where it reached its goal 22 times over,
MaKey MaKey is now a
retail product sold for

Ideal for: Creatives.

5. Kinect

While official Kinect-based games tend to be gimmicky and
shallow, the hacker community has taken the original idea and
run with
, even convincing Microsoft to provide official
. Providing a camera, depth sensor, skeletal tracking
and speech recognition, it’s a versatile input device begging to be
made use of, whether for indie games or otherwise.

Ideal for: People bored of using a mouse and

6. Google merch

You already know they do email, smartphones and self-driving
cars… but did you know Google does tacky merchandise too? How about
Google mouse mat
, just $1.92? Or tasteful
Google socks
? Or, for Android enthusiasts, how about a
cuddly Android toy

Apple fans may be disappointed to know that official Apple merch
can only be purchased in person from the company store in

Ideal for: Google fanboys.

7. Mac power button cufflinks

Alright, here’s one for those devoted to their iDevices. Novelty
cufflinks are always a good bet,
and this handmade pair
we found on Etsy are particularly fun.
Made out of power buttons recycled from old MacBooks, they’re silly
yet surprisingly stylish.

Ideal for: Well-dressed Apple fans.

8. The One keyboard

It can be easy to fall for marketing hype, but this
phone-and-desktop keyboard pretty much sells itself. ‘The One’ allows you
to switch between desktop and smartphone input at the touch of a
button, sporting a stand for your device to rest on. And since it
connects to your phone or tablet via bluetooth, it’s future-proof
too. It also comes in both Windows and Mac flavours.

Ideal for: Mobile developers.

9. Localhost doormat

First impressions count. And what could give a better (or more
accurate) first impression to visitors to your house or office than
? If it’s not to your taste, Mashable have compiled a
gallery of
other equally geeky mats

Ideal for: Houseproud devs.

10. Project Utopia

Has your billion-dollar startup recently been acquired? Finding
your cash burning a hole in your pocket? Then why not treat
yourself to Project Utopia, a supervillain-esque floating fortress
with eleven decks, a sports court, a dock and the ability to propel
itself, albeit at a maximum speed of around 17 miles per hour. At
just £100,000,000
from Firebox
, it’s an absolute steal.

Ideal for: Mark Zuckerberg.

What are you planning to give for Christmas? Let us know in
the comments!

Teaser picture by Kelvin
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